Instructional Technology Services and Distance Education

North Carolina A&T State University provides the tools and resources you need to develop and deliver your distance education courses and degree programs. Here you will have access to a broad range of faculty services offered by Instructional Technology Services and Distance Education (ITSDE), in cooperation with other University support service areas. Experienced experts actively support online instruction and technologies for new and experienced online faculty. Through workshops, learning communities, consultations with groups and individuals, this dedicated team works with full and part time faculty to enhance skills, introduce online teaching strategies, and leverage the best instructional technologies to enhance online learning.

Instructional Design Services – call (336) 285-4499

  • Train faculty on the implementation and effective uses of teaching and learning technologies
  • Assist faculty with course design, development, and delivery
  • Assist with the conversion of traditional instructional materials for delivery in an online environment
  • Collaborate with faculty on development standards, quality metrics, and course evaluation criteria
  • Assist faculty to apply Quality Matters standards to course development to enhance online instruction
  • Provide course production assistance through the use of trained graduate assistants (Course Builders)

Request instructional design services by contacting Ben McFadyen (; or Nanette DeBerry (

Course Building

Our experienced instructional designers and specially trained graduate assistants are available 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 pm Monday-Friday year-round to assist with course planning and development. Appointments and walk-in services are offered in the Faculty Resource Center, located at 1020 E. Wendover Avenue.

Our services include:
  • Review and develop measurable learning objectives
  • Implement best practices in student/content/instructor interactions
  • Organize and place content and course materials in Blackboard
  • Edit and format current course content into units or modules
  • Create a standardized template for your department or program
  • Develop or convert PowerPoint presentations
  • Create PDFs from Word, PowerPoint, or other sources
  • Integrate your instructional methods with publisher content
  • Construct test pools, test blocks, and surveys
  • Review your course for alignment with Quality Matters Standards
  • Develop course Schedule or Calendar
  • Develop rubrics and build into Blackboard for assessment
  • Create and edit video and audio clips for introduction and lectures
  • Embed video for streaming placement in Blackboard
  • Use a variety of applications for course building
  • Provide feedback from both instructor and student perspectives
Request instructional design services by contacting Ben McFadyen ( /  (336) 285-4488; or Nanette DeBerry ( / (336) 285-2482).

Instructional Technology Workshops – call (336) 285-4499

ITSDE offers 2-3 hour workshops for faculty and staff on how to use Blackboard, the University’s Learning Management System, and on related technology tools such as SoftChalk, Respondus, SafeAssign, iClickers, and e-Portfolio applications. Workshops are offered in each session or semester year-round. Graduate Assistants may attend these workshops with permission of the faculty or staff supervisor.

  • Introduction to Blackboard (also offered online)
  • Blackboard Collaborate for online class sessions and web conferencing (also offered fully online)
  • Using the Blackboard assignments, tests, and grade center
  • Using small group activities in online instruction
  • Using Safeassign to encourage appropriate citation and prevent plagiarism
  • Using Discussion Board forums for maximum participation
  • Using rich media to engage students online
  • Creating interactive online lessons and activities with SoftChalk
  • Using video, audio, and text to provide constant, dynamic feedback
  • Developing e-Portfolios to assess student learning
  • Introduction to Quality Matters course development standards (also offered online)

To view the current schedule of workshops or register go to: Faculty and staff must have an active NC A&T email address and password to register.

The Office of Distance Education and Extended Learning (DEEL) – call (336) 256-0355

The Office of Distance Education and Extended Learning (DEEL) manages the N.C. A&T Distance Education and Extended Learning Program, including distance education program development, distance education course approval and scheduling, registration, and administration. Faculty who wish to teach, develop, or enhance an online course must apply through their Department Chair to DEEL to ensure policy alignments with NC A&T University, UNC General Administration, SASCOC, and other accrediting organizations. DEEL coordinates the schedule of online courses offered each semester and assists with distance learning student withdrawals, when needed.

  • Online Teaching Certification
  • A&T is dedicated to continual enhancement of online instruction. By studying best practices in online teaching, and using the Quality Matters online course development standards, the Online Teaching Certification Program is designed to introduce faculty to teaching online and develop effective and engaging online courses. In Unit 1 (Online Teaching Certification), participants are introduced to methods, best practices and course planning. In Unit 2 (Online Course Development) participants will study and apply each step of the design, planning, development and course production process, and upon completion, will have designed an online course in their own discipline.
  • Online Teaching and Course Development Certification is offered in two phases:
  • Unit 1: Online Teaching Certification – methods, best practices, and course planning
  • Unit 2: Online Course Development Certification – course design and production of learning modules, activities, and assessment

  • Assistance for distance education students with registration and withdrawal from distance education courses

To inquire about establishing a distance education program, or teaching, developing or enhancing an online course, or to register for Online Teaching and Course Development Certification courses, contact Gwen Godard ( or (336) 285-3810). 

For assistance with registering or withdrawing from distance education courses, contact Trevor Taylor ( or (336) 285-3811).

Technology Training

LEARN your way with Technology Training. We empower Faculty, Staff and Students with enriching workshops, online training resources, and custom training for your team.

Training topics include:

  • Microsoft Office (including o365, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher)
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign)
  • Design
  • Video recording/editing
  • Social Media
  • Presentations

Contact: (336) 285-4493 or

To view the current schedule of workshops or register go to:

ITSDE Contacts

ITSDE Department Number:  (336) 285-4499
Dr. Tracie Lewis, Director of ITSDE – (336) 285-4491
Gwen Godard, Associate Director, Distance Education –  (336) 285-3810
Toni McRae, Business Services Coordinator - (336) 285-3811
Trevor Taylor, Student Services Coordinator - (336) 285-3798
Dr. Bessie Nkonge, LMS Administrator – (336) 285-4496
Ben McFadyen, Instructional Designer – (336) 285-4488
Nanette DeBerry, Instructional Designer – (336) 285-2482
(Vacant), Technology Trainer