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With A&T Online, there are no boundaries between the physical and the virtual campus – each is an extension of the other and shares the same experienced expert faculty. A&T Online provides universally accessible connections to our academic, agricultural, and technical programs of study. Online study programs are uniquely administered to handle the special needs of online students, such as remote registration, credit transfers, or changes in status. Online learners can count on our friendly and experienced faculty, staff, and administrators to guide them throughout their distance education experience.



To put it simply, N.C. A&T will change your life! Bring your talent, intelligence and hard work, and we will provide the resources to take your career, your community and your character to the next level.

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Whether you are just finishing high school, making a career change or finally getting around to making an old dream for a college education come true, you're in the right place. Through online courses, the latest demonstration of our commitment to continuing education and distance education, we invite you to join the ever-growing number of traditional and non-traditional students A&T has successfully served.